Sunday, January 28, 2018

Magic spells

We programmers use magic spells. For example typing 'sync' or 'flash' after executing some commands. These seem to be for excreting data from buffers or refresh display, but actually I have no idea what is going on in the computer actually, and now I think the necessity is even doubtful.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

the population of Japan declines

I think there have been too many people so far. It will be a serious turning point for big companies that are targeting mass market and fueling mass consumption. It might be a good opportunity to realize again the former usual style of economy with various businesses in small communities.

Culture backgrounds

I think each culture has its own background, so if I tried to do the same things in other culture, I couldn't learn anything from them. If I had a noble tea time like British people, there would be just relax time between busy jobs and completely different from the essence.

Tricorder is great

Star Trek's tricorder is the most desired portable device for not only me but also all of us. Tricoder is made of two devices, a small sensor unit as large as a lighter, and a main unit that analyzes and displays. It can analyze enemy computers as well as human condition.

Is it my compliment?

Mistakes occur sometimes in restaurants, for example, dirty dish, not enough dish and different order dish. However, I don't complain them, just reports them. I think If I felt I must complain them, there was strange something by which I felt rather was hurt my pride and unguessable by others.

Friday, January 5, 2018


"Hatsumoude" is New Year's visit to shrines. According to some authorities, it has began since Meiji Era only one years ago by a train company's campaign. Right way to pray, bow twice, clap twice, then bow once, was defined by the shrine association in 1948. It isn't classical tradition.

The best way to lose my weight

I think the best way to lose my weight is not to eat as less as possible. I guess I'm getting older and I automatically get more efficient moving, in other words acquire the ability of less energy consuming activity. Therefore the only way is reducing amount of eating.