Saturday, July 29, 2017

Stabilizer is great

I like the TV program "World Strollers" on NHK BS2. Actually, I'd not like to appear on it, but I'd like to become the camera on it. The camera can move really smoothly through beautiful towns and nature thanks to the stabilizer. That seems to be extremely pleasant.

Alternative medicine

I heard that Steve Jobs regretted he had chosen alternative medicine for his deadly disease at early time. However, every of them might not be necessarily bad. When I want to find a good way, I will try not to become hardened and to know options as many as possible.

Instant noodles and economy

I heard that the decreasing of the consumption of instant noodles shows improving of the economy of Asian countries. I don't have any idea of the relation between the instant noodles and economy. Actually, I have instant cup noodles for my lunch almost everyday, and my own economy haven't been better. Might it be like a curse? Could I escape from it by adding a raw egg in it?

Friday, July 7, 2017

Space travel

There is an impressed scene in "Blade Runner". The dying criminal cyborg told to Deckard about beautiful scenery such as bright colorful galaxies, the beautiful star of Orion while he has been transferring in the universe on his old missions. I hope to enjoy traveling through starts before my die.

AI Go master

Alpha Go just chose that strategy from it's statistical data. It doesn't have any unique intention. On the other hand, it shows that human tends not to be able to think out of the box. We can learn from this that we aren't free yet from our customs and tradition.