Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Japanese Tea Ceremony as a measure

After getting up I have a small breakfast, and then I make a cup of green tea and drink it every day with trying to calm down. I make it in a style that followed simple Japanese tea ritual. I try to concentrate to make a cup of tea, but I actually can’t help but think other things, for examples, I think what I should do today, how I can say someone what I have to say and I regret something that I made mistake on the previous day. Therefore, I can’t concentrate to make a cup of tea. These thoughts affect a work of making a cup of tea, for example, I forget wash Cha-sen (a tool for mixing tea), I drink tea from the wrong side of a tea cup (I have to set the opposite side of painted pattern on a tea cup in front of me) and spill a little water on a table. I make mistakes in a procedure of the ritual or dealing with stuff.

I realize that my mind moves like smoke when I make mistakes while making a cup of tea and drinking it. I think that I might have the same kind of mind in my daily life, and I might not be able to realize that. However, the ritual of tea can show such aspects of mind and it makes me realized it. I am interested in it. This is a kind of measure for my mind’s situation.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Digital Native"

I watched a TV program which titled "Digital Native" made by Japanese broadcast company called NHK. Digital Native means young people who have been using computers and the internet since the time when they were teen age or less age. They are more familiar with computer technologies than older generation, so their sense of value is quite different from older generations. They can have global relationships through the internet and they don't hesitate to have these relationships. They don't care about ages, titles and sexualities. In addition, they don't have any distinction between real world and virtual world.

This TV program introduced three types of person. The first one is a 13 years-old boy who built his own business. He had an idea of a card game, and he got investment from a government's venture support program. He looked for some professional person – illustrators, logo typist and package designers on SNS (a kind of the internet service), and he ordered them for this product. He didn't hesitate to ask his requests to these adult people.

The second one is a young Japanese guy who built his own company that provide some internet services. His policy is unique. Even when his company could be listed in the stock market, he didn't care about that. He said that the important thing is how they can provide good services on the internet and anything else are not important for them. The program said old generations tend to try to make their own profit but new generations have different sense of value.

The third one is an African young guy. He is working voluntarily for AIDS problem, because he lives in the society that there are seriously AIDS problem in Africa. He is managing his own organization and makes negotiations to other AIDS problem organization and individual activists through the internet. He is not rich and his country is a developing country, but he can connect all over the world's these kinds of people with computer. He wanted to have an opportunity of presentation on the international AIDS conference for speaking about his own country's problems. He campaigned it on the internet and got advice from activists who are in all over the world, asked them to help. Finally he got this opportunity.

I think that we can expect the hope of our future to Digital Native. They might be able to change the world. For example, Obama got a lot of donate from volunteers' contribution through the internet, and he brought a big change to the presidential election. Some new situations are growing globally in this world. I might need to study English more to take part in it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Business Trip to Geneva

When I was a programmer team leader of a software company, we developed a document processing software for a laboratory which belong with a Japanese communication enterprise. This laboratory wanted to show this software on a communication technology exhibition that was held in Geneva. Then I went to this exhibition to support them. I was excited about going to Switzerland where I have never been. However, I had to only maintenance for this software but also had to explain it. I became jittery, because we needed to fix vulnerable part on our codes and sophisticate our software for this exhibition in a hurry. Additionally I had to prepare for explaining this software in English.

When I was going to Geneva, I was excited a business class sheet on the plane, because it was my first time to have a business class. I transferred at Charles de Gaulle Airport. After arriving at Geneva Airport, I was riding on a train to Lausanne where I would stay. I was excited again in the train when I was looking at the big waterworks that was lighted up in night sky on Lake Leman.

Next day, I was explaining our software in the exhibition. Actually, most of attendance at the exhibition were not interested in our software, or they satisfied my demonstration and explanation which I prepared in advance. However, some people asked me their questions. For example, an Indian software engineer came to me and asked a question in English very quickly and I couldn’t hear his English pronunciations. His questioning caught me off guard, I panicked and my brain turned to moss. Then I had to ask the other Japanese staff to help me. I heard their talking, and I tried to stock up it in my questions and answers list, but in this Indian’s case, I couldn’t understand at all what he said.