Sunday, August 2, 2009

Woody Allen's movie

I watched a movie the other day. The title is "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" directed by Woody Allen. I have not watched his work for a long time. I think he has become an old man rather than when I had known him once. When I watched his new movie, I enjoyed his unique describing human characteristics as well as before.

For example, one of the main character women met a man in Barcelona where the story was set in. He was an artist and romanticist. He told her (and her friend) about sexuality, so she said that she hated him who was impolite at first, but they spend together sometimes. One day, her friends traveled from America to Barcelona and she met them (one of them is her finance). They told about how useful their new electric gadget was and so on. She heard their talking, but she seemed to be bored them. Maybe she thought it was a kind of snobbism and her new Barcelona friend had never told about such topics and more honest and innocent than them. She might feel some distance from not only her American friends but also realize a mediocre life of herself. Finally, it made her fall in love with him.

However, romanticists maybe had their own burden. In his case, it was his wife’s passionate personality. She couldn’t help but involve with their emotional relationship and violent which is caused by it. She couldn’t endure such a situation, so she went back to her (mediocre) world.

This movie described another women, but I focused to this woman here, because I sympathized her. She wanted to have a romantic experience in Barcelona while running away from her dull life, and she finally realized she should live her life. I think that she had known that both were a kind of fantasy. There is no mediocre world as well as no romantic world. I think that there are variety ways of life in the world. Therefore, she might have been going to proceed her own life while she got some power from Barcelona’s experience.

I felt that the director described a theme of human life by weaving out from little details of human characteristics and activities. I like this movie.