Friday, January 16, 2009

Taxi driver in New York

When I was staying in New York, one day, I had to move to another condominium that my English language school provided, because I have extended my study and staying but they couldn’t give me the same condominium because of their plan for renovating it.

This condominium was in a large hotel, so doormen usually called a taxi for me at the door of hotel, but at this day unfortunately, no doorman were there. When I went out of the door with my many luggage, A taxi came in front of me and the taxi driver beckoned me in his car, so I went to his taxi. He got off his car and helped me to put my luggage into his car. Just then, other taxi drivers came to him and started to complain something to him.

They said that he wedged himself into their line. They argued together in front of me. At first, I embarrassed and couldn’t find anything to do, and I thought it was their problem, so just saw their arguing.

However, they didn’t seem to stop their conflict, so I realized I was wrong to do nothing. I pointed the first taxi driver and I said “I choose him!” and I gestured to shoo away other drivers. My taxi driver shouted “He choose me,” and opened the taxi door for me, then we could go to my new condominium.

After that, I thought that I should have decide it more quickly. Additionally, I thought my taxi driver might have a bad manner as a taxi driver if he accentually had interrupted in the line, but I wondered what I could do for it if he had been a bad driver. If I had taken a taxi in front of a hotel in Japan, I wouldn’t meet such a situation.

From this small incident, I thought I needed more decision ability in New York, but I wondered what is my responsibility for my decision. I cannot find any answer about it yet.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Final day's troubles - 2

At the previous time, I wrote about my first trouble when I was leaving New York. This is the second trouble at that time.

I had to change from the “A” line of subway to the “Air Train” at Howard Beach station for JFK. I got on the “A” train. However, when this train arrived at Jay Street station, the announcement in the train said something. At first, I couldn’t understand this, but I could guess this announcement said that this train couldn’t go ahead any more and all passengers had to get off this train.

I got off the train and I was going to the ticket gate with anxiety. The station’s staffs gave transfer thickets to passengers there, so I asked one of them “I wanna go to JFK. I need to go to Howard Beach station!” She said “You have to get on shuttle bus, and take on the train again”. I took the transfer ticket and went up from the station to the bus stop.

I carried tow small bags and one suitcase. I was afraid of this situation, because this was not Manhattan. This was Brookline. I wasn’t familiar with this place, and I heard that this place was more danger than Manhattan for tourists like me that carried many luggage.

I found a shuttle bus on the road, and I asked the driver “I wanna go to Howard Beach. Is this bus OK?” He said “Yeah. But not express.” with grinning. I asked “Which station will this go to?” He said “Utica.” I thought that we had to get on this bus and took on the “A” line at Utica station again if we wanted to go beyond Utica station. Howard Beach is beyond Utica station. I thought I should get on a taxi here, but of course it is difficulty to catch a taxi on the street of Brookline. I couldn’t help but get on this bus.

Actually, this bus was going slowly. I realized what is his grinning when I asked him. I got upset, but I couldn’t have any good way else. I think that I should have gone back to Manhattan and took a taxi, but I couldn’t find this way at this time.

The bus arrived at Utica station. I was hurry to go down to the platform of subway, and I took on the first “A” train. After a short while being on this train, I realized that any tourists didn’t get on this train. I was afraid that I took another wrong train. Then I asked an old man “Excuse me, sir. Is this train going to Howard Beach station?” He said something, but honestly I couldn’t understand all what he said at first, but I catch he said that “A” line has two terminal stations, but he didn’t know this train was wrong or not, and if I had a wrong train, I had to change another train at Rockaway blvd station. He said that he would get off Rockaway blvd station, and when he got off he could confirm this train’s destination and he told me that. We got off there and he told me that this train was wrong, and maybe the next train went for Howard Beach. I apologized to him, and then I spent some minutes for waiting for the next train. I felt these minutes being very very long.

Fortunately, I arrived at JFK at 11:20 a.m. I could on time check in my plane that would departure at 12 o’clock, but I couldn’t buy any souvenir at the airport.