Friday, October 16, 2009

Expect of the new government

The Democratic Party of Japan started to administer the government around a month ago. The new government is putting out new policymaking, and it showed some new aspects of Japanese political landscape. One of examples is that the government decided to call off many expensive public projects to control costs. However, some of these projects have people who get a lot of profit from them, so these people and the government have serious conflicts. The government’s hasty actions make it seem to be selfish and self-righteousness, so it is no surprise that they provoke antipathy with these people.

However, I basically agree with the new government’s decisions in spite of the conflicts and its haste. Because, first, I think that the new government make rational decisions about these issue. Second, I think that the government has some reasons of its haste on the time-critical situation. For example, they need to get off their decisions before some people pull the wires behind the scenes. It's a kind of strategy, so they maybe prospected that it made some conflicts. Third, The new government advanced a contrary idea to “Nemawashi.” Many traditional Japanese politicians have such a custom. Nemawashi means a kind of secret negotiation to control some people’s profits before political decisions. I think that this Japanese custom disturbed many political decisions ever or made some necessary arguments opaque. In fact, I felt that although the new government made some conflicts, they made some arguments transparent.

I expect that the new government will take new approaches. Maybe they bring good things and bad things. I want to believe that the new government will continue to try to make these bad things better.