Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New apartment's troubles

I moved to a new apartment in Kyoto Japan two month ago. I decided to rent it quickly, because it has a roof balcony. I thought that I might be able to enjoy it. However, after I had moved, I found many bad things in this room.

First of all, this room had ill-smelling like a drain. It didn’t make always, but it often happened all of a sudden. I thought it came from under the sink. I asked agency to fix it. At first, they said that sensibility of smelling is a personal problem, so they don’t have responsibility of it. I still complained of it many times, then, they send a plumber at last. When the plumber came to my room, he said that I was lucky, because he happened to have another work near here, so he could come to my apartment on this day. I felt angry but patient it and I explained the problem. He opened the door of sink box and took off the cover at the bottom of it, and said that some air brew into my room from somewhere that connected under the bottom of the sink box to drain pipe. I asked him to bung up this route of smelled air, but he said that it was impossible, because they must rebuild this building to fix it, and he knew that this building’s owner didn’t have enough money to do it. Additionally, he said that I should not run my room’s ventilation fan, because it made the smelled air pull into my room. I thought that he was wrong about rebuilding and I couldn’t accept that I couldn’t use my ventilation fan. However, I didn’t complain him, because he looked a dangerous man. Then he sealed around the sink’s hose with tape. I thought it was nonsense, because smelled air came from under the sink box. When he went out my room, he said, “I think someone who dead in this room left behind his dead smell... Ho-ho-ho, it is a joke. You don’t mind.”

Second problem was the air conditioner’s trouble. The air conditioner had a lot of vibration from first time. This vibration made loud noise. I asked an agency to fix it too. They sent an electrician two weeks later, but he couldn’t find why it vibe. He fastened it to the wall by screws, but it couldn’t stop vibration, so he said that he would call a customer service of the maker. The maker’s customer service gave a call to me a week later. Then he came to my room and checked it out for a while. He said that the part of fan was broken. This air conditioner had a horizontally long cylindrical fan inside it and it had a hole on the surface, so it didn’t spin at a constant speed and it made vibration. Additionally, he explained that this fixing was very difficult, because this fan was set on deep inside, so he had to remove gas which is special for air conditioning from it and dismounted all parts once, and then exchange the fan and he had to make all parts up and fill new gas again. He said that he would estimate the price of fixing it and would give it to the building’s owner. I had to wait for his reply for a week. Then, he called me and said that the owner allowed to fix it. He arranged to fix it the next week. I had to patient the noise of it for almost a month, but I thought I was lucky, because it had been fixed at last.

Third problem is that this room affected my physical condition. My throat had a pain more and more when I lived there longer and longer. I became to cough up a lot of phlegm. In addition, I suddenly awoke from sleep due to unknown reason at midnight and had terrible palpitation every midnight. At first, I wondered which it was caused by this room or not, so I stayed a hotel for three night as a test, and I found this symptoms (pain, cough, phlegm and palpitation) was from this room. I couldn’t find the actual reason of it, but I thought it might be made from antiseptic substance. My agency had a service of dispersal it in this room for disinfect and pest control. They strongly recommended it before I took contract this room, so I paid twenty thousands yen for it. However, I think that I might have an allergic reaction by this antiseptic substance. Anyway, I never have had good sleeps for almost two month since I moved this apartment.

I decided to leave this apartment and move to another one this month. It is difficulty to find a good apartment. I remember now that I had some impression that was not good when I saw this apartment at first time. Contrary to my impression, I had decided to rent it, because I thought I could enjoy the roof balcony of it. I studied from this trouble that I should place more important on my impression and less on my wishful thinking.